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National Park Service – Fort Scott National Historic Site

Historic Structures Report and Cultural Landscape Report, Fort Scott, Kansas

Strata Architecture Inc. was selected to prepare a Historic Structures Report for three extant officer quarters buildings and a Cultural Landscape Report for the Fort Scott National Historic Site.  These documents are intended to serve as a guide for the long-term care of the structures and the overall site.  The work produced for the HSR included: existing conditions drawings, historic research, conditions assessment, structural calculations, analysis of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, interior rehabilitation recommendations, ADA accessibility and code analysis, and the development of treatment recommendations for each extant building. Work produced for the CLR included: historic research, existing conditions research and assessment, and treatment recommendations for the overall site through the interpretation of the individual periods of significance. The FSNHS represents a primary period of American military history composed of a quadrangle of military structures arranged around a historic Parade Ground.  The fort complex was garrisoned by the United States Army from 1842-1853. The fort then became a civilian community and during the “Bleeding Kansas” period of 1854-1861 was the focus of much civil disturbance. Today, the fort is operated and maintained by the National Park Service.