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Faultless Starch Properties

Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit Consulting and Exterior Façade Consultation: Masonry, Historic Window & Door Replacement

STRATA Architecture Inc. has worked with the Faultless Starch/Bon Ami Company for several years as a historic preservation architect for the purpose of seeking Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits for three separaterehabilitation projects. All three projects have been approved and completed. Two of which include the rehabilitation of the Faultless Starch Building and new conveying bridge to connect the historic plant with a new manufacturing facility. Our latest project was the Sewall Paint & Glass Company Building rehabilitation which transformed a former warehouse space into the Faultless Starch corporate headquarters. We worked with 360 Architects as the preservation architect for the exterior rehabilitation and produced all required submissions to receive both state and federal Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits. Strata also worked directly with the Missouri State Historic Preservation Office, contractor and sub-contractors, Owner and Design Team; to carefully select historically appropriate new windows and doors, rehabilitate the existing historic steel windows, select appropriate mortar, new and replacement brick, and oversee the exterior rehabilitation during construction administration.