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Progress at Second Presbyterian Church

Despite frigid temperatures, work at the Second Presbyterian Church bell tower continues!

Second Pres - Tower Restoration

Women in Architecture: Nelle Peters (1884-1976)

“I like to feel like I am doing something worthwhile, something fundamentally necessary.” – Nelle Peters

NP_Missouri Valley Special Collections_Kansas City Public Library

This year, we’ll be introducing recurring features which highlight the work, inspiration and interests of the STRATA team. This week, we’re rolling out our Women in Architecture series, beginning, appropriately, with Nelle Peters.

Born in 1884, Peters took advantage of an unregulated industry to become a prolific architect in the 1920s, a feat almost unheard of for women at the time. Initially, she struggled to find a firm that would hire her, until a bet between partners gave her a foot in the door of a practice in Sioux City. Eventually, Peters transferred to Kansas City and struck off on her own. Throughout the 1920s, Peters developed a reputation for efficient floor plans and Tudor and Spanish Colonial style apartment buildings, finding success in what was at the time an almost all-male profession. Her practice and health suffered in the 1930s, forcing her to pick up work as a seamstress. Despite her troubles, Peters continued to work until 1965. Over her more than 60 year career, she completed almost a thousand buildings projects. Today she is remembered as the namesake of two historic districts in Kansas City and for her surviving work, including the Ambassador Hotel.

Ambassador hotel_Missour Valley Special Collections_Kansas City Public Library

Ingram’s Corporate Report 100

For the second year in a row we, were named one of Kansas City’s 100 fastest-growing companies!

Ingrams Cprporate Report 100 - 2017

KCMO Spirit of Freedom Fountain

Today we were able to attend the Kickoff Ceremony for construction on the KCMO Spirit of Freedom Fountain! of Freedom

New Arts Center

This past weekend we had the honor of attending an art auction put on by the Kirksville Arts Association. It was during this event that STRATA’s new Art Center design was revealed to the community. The new building is to be located in the center of the historic downtown grid, directly across from City Hall on the site of the former Arts Association facility. While the outer skin of the new building has a traditional composition that aligns with the historic downtown, a slight twist to the front façade begins to reveal a modern fabric that is light and porous, inviting visitors to enter the space and explore. By lightening the façade and carving out from the heavy box form, the exposed glass and mosaic skin encourage interaction between the pedestrian and the interior and exterior art.Auction Sue Ross Arts Center - Exterior Alley Rendering_Final

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