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Custom Storefronts

Customization can be defined as, “modifying something to fit a particular individual or task…”
We love this concept and seem to deal with it on a daily basis in our work.
STRATA had the great fortune to meet with a company who also does this on a daily basis, Custom Storefronts Inc. Yesterday we had the opportunity to quiz them on what they do and how we can align with (and tweak) their process to replicate historic storefront details and millwork. Thank you, Jon and Ashley for your presentation and tour, and taking time to show us how traditional methods can blend with modern technology to make a truly unique product.

New Addition

A new addition is in the works! STRATA recently completed a study for a regional Methodist Church which was originally constructed in the 1950s. We love the Mid-Century Modern feel of the building that is expressed in the existing expressed structure, window pattern and feature details. STRATA utilized the rhythm of the exiting construction – structure and windows – to set the language for the new addition.

New Addition -STRATA2

Elevated Ovoid Public Swimming Pool

We missed Throwback Thursday, but thought why not celebrate Friday with one of our great projects form the past, our restoration of a one-of-a-kind elevated ovoid public swimming pool located in Fayette, MO. It was constructed by Works Progress Administration (WPA) and designed by a pool designer and engineer from Lansing, Michigan, named Wesley Bintz. Built with limited man power during the winter and spring months of 1935, the surrounding elevated pool wall was constructed from a single wythe of brick. If you are in the Fayette area, you should stop in and enjoy this unique combination swimming pool and World War I memorial!Fayette Pool Throw Back Thrusday

Wood Rot

Just look at that lovely wood rot – nothing gets us more excited than identifying deterioration on a building and determining how to repair it!

Wood Rot

It is crucial to identify areas of water infiltration and prevent the wood’s exposure to moisture to the greatest extent possible to prevent wood rot that, if left untreated, could lead to structural failure. Did you know that most wood decay fungi grow only on wood with a high moisture content of 20 percent or above? This is why knowledge of materials, their appropriate detailing, and on-going maintenance are critical elements for keeping a building secure for future generations to enjoy

25 Under 25


STRATA Architecture is honored to have been chosen as one of Thinking Bigger Business Media’s 25 Under 25 Award Honorees! We have been honored with 24 other great small business. Congrats to all the recipients!…/

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